Perspective …

As a writer, public speaker, professor, lawyer and an 18 year Member of the United State Congress I’ve gained some insights into “things are not always as they seem.” Of course, there is nothing new there. But in a world where the velocity, as well as the volume, of information continues to increase exponentially, there is a need for more voices of perspective ….

The downward trend in the newspaper industry is emblematic. More and more we are reduced to sound bites and “txt4Umsgs.” More and more what is in front of our eyes and ears in the moment drives what we think is important. Over time our collective intelligence (emotional and otherwise) gets skewed and distorted. Protesting, we frequently isolate ourselves as in “bowling alone.” Or we gravitate to the echo-chamber comforts of affinity groups, self-affirmation and sameness. More important, we become more vulnerable to manipulation as we lose a sense of questioning objectivity to the temptation of easy, snap judgment.

Thus, I will blog, from time to time about keeping perspective.

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